2 years ago today: Hackney and Brixton Riots

8 Aug 2013 | 0 comments

More photos, some previously unpublished, from the August 2011 riots. After Tottenham, riots and looting spread across London. Stretching in to the second and third days and nights, I covered the disorder on the Pembury Estate in Hackney, where several photographers – including myself – were assaulted. And in Brixton where I witnessed looted and gutted shops.
On the afternoon of the 8th, hundreds of people and police were on and around Mare Street in Hackney.

Perhaps the worst violence I saw was on the Pembury Estate, where local shops and cars were looted and burned and where police and rioters faced each other down.

Later that night I was in Brixton where many shops were destroyed and some looters were arrested.

I aim to publish another set tomorrow, from the 9th August.


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