Conservative Party Spring Forum, Cardiff; 6th March 2011

9 Mar 2011 | 0 comments

A few portraits at the stage of the Conservative Party’s Spring Forum in Cardiff.
David Cameron addresses the audience:
David Cameron
Going wide:
David Cameron and audience
Ken Clarke says “NO2AV”:
Kenneth Clarke
William Hague:
William Hague
Andrew Lansley:
Andrew Lansley
Iain Duncan Smith:
Iain Duncan Smith
George Osborne:
George Osborne
It’s been said that the traffic warden is the photographer’s nemesis. Not so: weak/no 3G is a far more frightening prospect:
Trying to find a 3G signal
Daffs prove season and location. Flattening the laptop halved my already paltry upload speed.
A protester outside the venue :
Broken Britain
Broken Britain?


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