Fleet Street Press Cafe exhibition, 2015

3 Jan 2016 | 5 comments

In the first part of 2015 I had the opportunity to exhibit some of my work at the Fleet Street Press Cafe. They provide a space for press photographers to display their work. The varied nature of the work and the diverse talents working within the industry means there’s always something new to see.
Many of the photographs I had printed and framed were from my ongoing coverage of “The Night Time Economy”, in Manchester:
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Also included were photographs from London, the first taken during student demonstrations in 2010.
And these three were taken during the riots of August 2011:
Sometimes it’s as much about the story behind the photo, as the photo itself. From the photo below’s caption:
“As looters and rioters smashed up shops, looted and fought with police in Camden Town, Philippa Morgan-Walker, 25 and her husband, Jonny Walker, 31, made tea for the police who were protecting their street. They used a riot shield as a tea-tray. Some of the officers had been on duty for more than 30 hours.”
As a news photographer I cover a fair bit of politics and current affairs. This photograph of Bobby Charlton was one of those “walk by” moments when you’re just glad to have a camera in your hand.
And this one of Nigel Farage was taken in Manchester Town Hall.


  1. Fred

    Mate these are incredible, but I’m struggling to see the mainstream press publishing some of these? do you ever have trouble with something you know is an amazing shot and none of your regular outlets are interested?
    That last one of Nigel Farage is a knockout btw, loaded with context.

    • Joel Goodman

      Hi Fred,
      Yes, some of them would never be published in most UK press, but I take and file them anyway.
      I think they’d work well in the right context (yet to find it, mind).
      Thanks 🙂

  2. jack

    funny looking back at this comment thread after the recent viral picture!

  3. John Robert Young

    Joel Goodman – good morning
    Your portfolio of work is most impressive – hopefully you will travel far in your chosen profession. You have the newsman’s eye: nurture it and make it work for you.
    May I advise not to be tempted by the siren voices of editors offering you a staff appointment. Fame is fleeting and editors are a fickle breed. Plough your own furrow and you will emerge not only the richer for it but make a valuable contribution to our social history.
    With my best wishes
    John Robert Young

  4. jos schmid

    This is very good photography. Congrats.


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