3 Responses to “Dear Photo Thief – an open letter to those who think it’s OK to steal photographs”

  1. Neil Turner says:

    First class response to an issue that affects so many of us on a day-to-day basis.

  2. Weasteman says:

    Well said Joel
    I am just an enthusiastic ameture , but it gauls me when people steal my work and
    Crop my name off my pictures and try to pass them as their work.
    It must be shocking for you as is your livelihood and as you say are stealing the food from your mouth, people like that should be taken to task.
    Keep up the good work Joel and look forward to seeing your work in future.

    Dave aka Weasteman

  3. Phil says:

    A great way of putting sharp focus on an issue that is only getting worse. Thanks Joel for letting us re-print the letter at http://www.blog.theusualshutterspecs.com/industry-news/dear-photo-thief-joel-goodman-says-what-weve-all-been-thinking/

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