A little bit of politics

Some of my recent political coverage, in no particular order.

Nigel Farage stops off on the campaign trail during the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election, outside The Happy Man pub in Wythenshawe

Nigel Farage UKIP Wythenshawe

Coronation Street’s David Neilson (who plays Roy Cropper) made a star turn in support of Labour Party candidate Mike Kane. They ended up making the tea behind the counter at a local cafe.

David Neilson Mike Kane

David Blunkett (shot with a telephoto lens through the listening audience and lit with a remote flash) speaking to an audience at Manchester University

David Blunkett Roma debate

The Monster Raving Loony candidate struggles with his hat – inappropriate for the terrain – at the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election count

Wythenshawe Sale East by-election

Contrasting candid portraits of Ed Miliband. Sometimes the light just catches someone’s face and makes a photograph


Other times, context creates the mood

Labour Conference 01/03/2014

On the first day of the Liberal Democrat conference in York, Vince Cable sits on stage illuminated by a dim yellow glow, as another party member speaks.


Nick Clegg enthusiastically waves the chequered flag at an event at a nearby sports centre

Lib Dem Conference 08/03/2014

The former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons and MP for Ribble Valley, Nigel Evans, arrives at Preston Crown Court for the first day of his trial. He’s accused of several sexual assaults and rape, which he denies.


Former Happy Mondays freaky dancer, Bez, has ventured in to politics and plans to stand for election in Salford, in 2015. His first political engagement was to support anti-fracking protesters at an exploration site in Barton Moss in Salford. Here Bez sits in the road with protesters, blocking a lorry from accessing the site

Bez at Barton Moss

And here are some of the uses to which newspapers have put my photos:

clegg-express-21Feb14 10-03-2014_clegg_chocolate_shop_telegraph 1200pxmetro-evans-p5-11-03-2014 1200pxdocument_independent_Front_11032014 bez-men-tear mike-kane-tear mike-kane-men-tear sunday-mail-lab-vic-rally-tear



indie-lab-vic-rally-tear ukip-byelection-dmail-tear mirror-lab-vic-rally-tear ukip-poster-hanging-ft ukip-byelection-scotsman-tear Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 16.34.51 guardian-lab-wyth-byelection

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