Samples of my published work

My work’s been published by national papers, the BBC, NME and in the local press.


Fortnum & Mason UKUncut protest, front page of “i”:

Stanlow fuel protest pic in The Star:

and “i”:

and the Mirror too:

Anish Kapoor Flashback launch in the FT:

Poppy Burning trial insert in the Mirror:

Poppy burners in the Star:

Fortnum & Mason UKUncut protest on Mail Online:

Restoration of The Flying Scotsman in…The Scotsman:

Police dealing with masked protesters in Mail online:

Poppy burners in Sun online:

Poppy burning in the Sun:

Poppy burners in The Star:

Mask wearing protester in The Sun:

Mask-wearing protesters in The Sun:

Three Andrew Lansley pics in the Mirror:

Dudley News, EDL demo:

Dudley News, EDL demo:

Fire at Piccadilly Station in Manchester Evening News

MAC poppy burners in The Telegraph:

Libya protesters photo in The Express:

UKUncut protest pic in The Star:

Pic of Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson from an EDL demo and an injured UAF protester at the same event:

Nat Lofthouse’s funeral in the “i”:

Pic from Nat Lofthouse’s funeral on p2 of The Star:

Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon from Luton EDL demo:

Small burning poppy pic on right in Scottish Daily Record:

Protesters squaring up to riot police in The Sun (left pic):

Protesters squaring up to riot police and two distressed girls inset in Daily Mirror:

Large one in Daily Mirror to illustrate a story on binge drinking and minimum alcohol pricing proposal:

News of the World roundup of responses to ice and snow in regions across the UK:

A sequence illustrating the stamina of some, despite the cold, on News of the World website:

Portrait of poppy burner in The Sun (on left):

Commercial use pic from Castlefield Arena:

As well as national press, my work’s also been published by the BBC, NME and in local papers.